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Volunteers needed to transcribe surveys completed by WWI veterans! Transcription will involve going online to the link below, choosing one of the documents, clicking “Transcribe,” reading the handwritten document, entering what you read, and saving it. This can be done as a guest or you may register as a volunteer transcriber. Each document contains one soldier’s history and perspective of this war. This important work will add to our WWI local history. To begin, click on Charles City. New Kent will be available soon.

“On 7 January 1919, Governor Davis created the Virginia War History Commission whose goal was “to complete an accurate and complete history of Virginia’s military, economic and political participation in the World War.” The Commission conducted a survey of World War I veterans in Virginia through the use of a printed questionnaire. …The first page records information about personal background. The second and third pages record details of the veteran’s detailed war record, any injuries, discharge, and occupation after the war. The fourth page contains several questions designed to elicit information about how the war affected the serviceman and how he perceived his experiences during the war. In many cases, the soldier submitted one or two photographs with the questionnaire, one taken before entering the service and another taken afterward, often in uniform, signed and dated.” — From the Page, Library of Virginia.


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