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Library Anywhere: Resources for Home

Heritage Public Library has posted many resources to use at home via our Facebook page. Here, we hope to list those resources for quick reference:

  • If you need a library card, you can apply for an eCard online to access great resources online. Register
  • Online electronic stories & audio books are available for all ages through Tumblebooks!!! Just go to http://www.heritagepubliclibrary.org
  • TAB Online Meetings: Please email EDzula@heritagepubliclibrary.org to register. All 6th-12th graders are welcome. We will be discussing what teens would like to see from the library at this time as well as projects they have been working on for the library. A Zoom link will be shared via email to join the meeting. All 6th-12th graders are welcome!
  • Virtual Book Group: Email jmarry@heritagepubliclibrary.org to receive a Zoom link to join us!
  • Book Review Podcast of “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” by Neil Gaiman by Jan! This book is available as an eAudiobook through the library’s RBDigital online resource. https://heritagepubliclibrary.podbean.com
  • Spring Reading Program! For all ages! From April 13th – June 13th, read or listen to online books and read some of your own books. A reading challenge sheet is available for use or write a list of books you’ve read. An assortment of eBooks and eAudio books are available from our Digital Resources page, https://heritagepubliclibrary.org/digitalresources/ When the library reopens bring your completed reading lists to the library for a prize!

Learn Online

Hazel’s Review of Rocket Languages

I tried out Rocket Languages, a FREE foreign language learning program offered by the Heritage Public Library. There are thirteen different languages to choose from including American Sign Language. I chose to learn Spanish, which I took in high school and promptly forgot. Rocket Languages focuses on teaching you the conversational form of the language. In order to fully make use of the program, a microphone is recommended for pc use (for the app version you can use your device’s built in microphone). Rocket languages offers 4 modules that each consist of 120 hours of learning. There are a lot of great features on Rocket Languages. Once you register through the library, there is an app that you can download so you can practice anywhere. The program remembers where you left off and you can skip around to different lessons. With a microphone you can record yourself saying a word and the program will grade your pronunciation (you can even change the difficulty level with grading your recordings). Be prepared to say and listen to words often. There are lots of activities in each section to reinforce new words in different ways such as repeating, writing, and practicing conversations. In addition to teaching you enough words and phrases to travel, Rocket Languages also teaches about the culture and grammar. Each module also includes a survival kit lesson of essential words you may need while traveling. In Spanish module 1, the survival kit reviews the names of body parts in case you need to see a doctor while abroad. I felt I learned a lot of new words and phrases quickly and would feel comfortable using them in a real world setting if needed. As with learning any language, daily practice is recommended for best results. Rocket Languages is self paced so you can do as much per day or as little per day as your schedule permits. Hasta la próxima (until next time). https://heritagepubliclibrary.org/digitalresources/

Review of Universal Class by Hazel

The Heritage Public LIbrary offers FREE access to Universal Class, a virtual classroom offering an array of classes that are self paced. Universal Class has something for everyone, whether you want to improve your career skills, take general education classes, learn crafts/hobbies, etc. Most classes are for high school age and above. The length of time to complete a class can be determined by multiplying the CEU (continuing education unit) by 10. A CEU of 1.5 will take approximately 15 hours. I took two classes on Universal Class (with CEU), Astronomy 101 and How to Draw 101. Assignments were graded quickly. For the astronomy class, there were short multiple choice tests and brief essay assignments. The art class required my drawings to be photographed and uploaded to the site, plus there were short multiple choice tests. How to Draw 101 only required a pencil and paper (you could get specific art supplies, but it was not a requirement). I did better with my class work when I set aside a specific amount of time each day for class. Otherwise life kept pulling me in all directions. I highly recommend taking a class on Universal Class, it was definitely worth the time invested for the skills I was able to learn. https://heritageva.universalclass.com/barcode-login.htm?enter+code&loginspecial. If you need a library card, https://heritage.evergreenva.org/eg/opac/register.

Stories and Creative Projects Online

Virtual Field Trips

  • Explore Son Doong Cave with National Geographic lets you explore the world’s largest cave virtually in 360. Use the interactive map to enjoy the fully immersive experience viewing the cave with the sound on!
  • MetKids from the Metropolitan Museum of Art lets you explore The Met with an interactive map and watch behind-the-scenes videos. Also, there are fun facts and creative projects for the galleries or at home.
  • Holly McMahan, the new 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent with Virginia Cooperative Extension for New Kent and Charles City, suggests families check out posts for youth and family activities to do while at home on the New Kent and Charles City 4-H Facebook page.
  • Visit the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History virtually! Start in the rotunda and continue with a room-by-room, 360-degree walking tour of incredible exhibits. You can view the Hall of Mammals, Insect Zoo, Dinosaurs, Hall of Paleobiology, and more! Remember to zoom in during your tour to see more details.
  • The National Gallery of Art virtual video tours of current exhibitions, online learning opportunities, audio and video recordings of lectures by artists and curators, downloadable art images, and more are available.
  • Visit the San Diego Zoo! Watch a Live Tiger Cam, learn what a tiger chuttle sounds like, and learn about other animals at the zoo, too!
  • Virtual tours and educational resources are available for Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, and other Virginia historical sites.
  • Connecting through the Stars:International Space Station Viewing. Check to see the time for your viewings by clicking the link below and registering to receive viewing times and dates. Click here to complete your Spot The Station registration.
  • Check out this Minecraft Escape Room! Answer a series of questions and figure out the clues to help you escape. Fun for all Minecraft fans! Good luck! *This escape room was designed by Regency Park Library.

Digital Magazine Recommendations

Paulette recommends from our RBDigital eMagazine collection : If you want to eat better, try the magazine, Clean Eating, for great ideas! According to the magazine, clean eating is about “consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It’s a lifestyle approach to food and its preparation, leading to an improved life”. The goal of clean eating is to eat whole natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats. It is recommended to choose foods that are minimally processed, ethically raised, and rich in naturally occurring nutrients. Clean eating includes the avoidance of processed and refined foods and involves the use of more organic foods. The Clean Eating magazine has numerous recipes and good articles. It can be daunting to find a one size fits all healthy cookbook, since there’s an assortment of healthy eating and weight loss advice on the internet and in books. I have looked at a few healthy eating cookbooks which require buying an assortment of different spices. And, if you do not like the recipe, you have wasted money because you probably will not use the spices again. However, I try to pick 1 or 2 recipes that call for the same spices. While Clean Eating recipes do use different spices; they use mostly salt and pepper. The other spices they do use should be staples in your pantry. In addition, most recipes call for 10 or less ingredients. I admit I love meat and potatoes, potatoes are my favorite food. Just thinking about a baked potato with butter, cheese, and sour cream makes my mouth water. So, I am happy to say there are a few recipes using potatoes in the magazine. I have tried a few recipes from most of the books I have looked at, and I will probably try a few from the Clean Eating magazine also. My Grandmother once told me I did not eat enough to keep a bird alive. That was true I ate to live, now I live to eat. My mother would fix special meals for me because I was very picky and did not like what she cooked for the other family members. Now, I love her cooking! We are truly blessed in the United States with so many varieties of good tasting food. So, why not do yourself a favor and give Clean Eating a try. Your body will thank you. What do you have to lose?

Bethann’s recommendations from our RBDigital online eMagazine collection. Attn: FOODIES!!! Want to try a new recipe? We have several wonderful eMagazines about food on our online RBDigital database. You can choose healthy or comfort foods, dishes from other countries or even learn techniques that professional chefs use. Why not make it a learning adventure for the children too? Bon Appetit has an AWAY section that explores foods from other countries that can be found in restaurants in Philadelphia, PA and Washington D.C.–lots of pictures, recipes and locations of restaurants. Using cauliflower for alternative ingredients is all the craze now. Try a pizza made with a cauliflower crust in Clean Eating eMagazine. Are you making that lunchtime sandwich? Make your own mayonnaise with directions in the Cooks Illustrated eMagazine. This article shows what mayonnaise looks like under a microscope and gives hints to fix your flop if it doesn’t come out right the first time. ( This sounds like a quick, interesting, and edible science lesson for kids.) When a sweet treat is on the menu check out Taste of Home and Food Network. There are plenty of scrumptious looking ideas just waiting to be tried.Go to your device’s Play Store or Apple Store, install the RBDigital app, create an account using your library card number, and explore. Then, you are all set to get cooking.

Elizabeth W.’s Review of “Nothing to See Here” by Kevin Wilson

“Nothing to See Here” is a TODAY Read with Jenna Book Club pick from November 2019. The cover intrigued me initially, (Yes, I judge books by their covers sometimes.) and then the description hooked me.Estranged childhood friends who took two completely different paths in life and reunite when one needs the other’s help with a very daunting task…. Twin children who spontaneously burst into flames but do not get hurt…Wait…what? Yes, the kids burst into flames. What parent out there can’t relate to children “blowing up” over things that cause them stress? This book takes it a step beyond the norm, in having them actually burst into flames. It is funny, dramatic, and heartwarming, all at the same time.Madison and Lillian meet at Iron Mountain Girls Prep School in the mountains of Tennessee. One of them is there because her family has the financial means to send her, the other is there on scholarship as a promising local who wants a better life. They become fast friends, and remain in contact even after one leaves the school under unpleasant circumstances.Fast forward to adult life… Madison is married to a senator, living on a massive estate in Franklin, TN, and Lillian is working a dead end job. Madison reaches out to Lillian with a unique and well paying job offer. “This is weird, Madison. You want me to raise your husband’s fire children.” Lillian has nothing to lose, agrees to move into the guest house and live with the children, and ends up becoming their biggest advocate, willing to do just about anything to help them. This book uses an absurd and unrealistic situation to open our eyes to the fact that we are all different, yet we can still accept and love each other for who we are, and ultimately live a happy life. It is an easy read, and the chaos of the story lends to the appeal of it.I recommend that y’all check it out on RBDigital and give it a read!

Jim Recommends “Full Throttle” by Joe Hill from RBDigital

Are you a fan of Stephen King? Then sit back and give Joe Hill’s newest collection of short stories a read. Joe Hill, the son of Mr. King, provides the reader with 13 tales of the supernatural suspense, two of which he co-wrote with his father. Each story held my interest which is rare for me as I am not usually a big fan of short stories. From a trucker chasing a motorcycle gang to people facing a possible nuclear holocaust, Hill delivers in each case.Check it out on RBDigital.

Jan’s Review of Miss Julia Paints the Town by Ann B. Ross, Audiobook from RBDigital

For great books to take your mind off your troubles try our audiobooks featuring Miss Julia, an irrepressible Southern belle who navigates her small North Carolina town with whimsy and gentle, sly humor. The books are filled with warm main characters and satisfyingly dastardly villains. Miss Julia herself is a sparkling, unexpected person whose charming Southern exterior hides a backbone of steel. The narrator, Cynthia Darlow, does a superb job of capturing the raft of quirky townspeople and Miss Julia herself. Miss Julia was shocked by the sudden death of her overbearing, in-charge husband, but even more shocked to learn that he had been conducting a long-term affair and had fathered a child out of wedlock. Things get worse when Miss Julia discovers that her late husband left their comfortable fortune to his illegitimate heir. Under such circumstances what choice does a Southern lady have but to take in the illegitimate child and his mother? And then to fend off distant relatives who are chasing after their fortune? Ann B. Ross has created an entire series about Miss Julia and her adventures that starts with Miss Julia Speaks her Mind and goes on through twenty-two books. Heritage Public Library provides five audiobooks through RBdigital: Miss Julia Strikes Back, Miss Julia Stands Her Ground, Miss Julia Delivers the Goods, Miss Julia Delivers the Goods, and the one that I’m currently enjoying, Miss Julia Paints the Town. I recommend Miss Julia for everyone. These books are certainly aimed towards a female audience but I’m stuck at home with a bunch of men and caught them listening in. One member of my very male household described the antics of Miss Julia as, “southern comfort. It makes me want to have sweet tea and a mint julep.” Pour yourself a tall sweet tea and enjoy Miss Julia.

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